Our Well-Experienced Team

Each team member contributes uniquely, complementing others with their expertise in portfolio companies, operations, financing, M&A structures, and market access. Together, we form a dynamic and synergistic force driving impactful growth.

Jefri Sirait
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

30+ years of combined experience in forestry, fisheries, automotive & venture capital across Astra Group; ex-Astra | Amvesindo Chairman; Bachelor from IPB

Ishara Yusdian
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

15+ years of combined experience in strategy consulting, sales/bizdev & venture capital across North America, SEA & A/NZ; ex-BCG, MSFT, Qlik; BCom from UNSW | MBA from W.P. Carey Business School

Edward Chamdani
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

30+ yrs of combined experience in engineering, technology architect, sales/bizdev & venture capital; ex-IBM | 1X EC2 | Amvesindo Treasurer; B.Eng from Georgia Marietta

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”

– Steve Jobs