About Us

Gayo Capital (Ideosource Green Initiative) is a Singapore-based venture capital and advisory firm with more than 120mio USD AUM, investing & partnering with sustainability-focused startups across Southeast Asia & India.


Catalyzing positive impact and drive sustainable growth, while delivering strong financial returns.


Promoting equal opportunities for portfolio companies, fostering a culture of meritocracy and progress.

Why Gayo Capital?

We have a combination of experience and exposure.

Our background and network in venture capital investment, investment banking, capital market, and corporate finance are key components that enable us to provide high-level access and to speed up the decision-making process in multi-fronts.

Early Stage
Growth Stage
Later Stage

Our Impact in Numbers

#6 Most Active Impact Investor

Issued by ANGIN (Angel Investment Network Indonesia)

10+ Invested Industries

Ranging from Waste Management, Lifestyle, Insure-Tech, and many more.

20+ Invested Startups

With 3 soon-to-be unicorns.

Meet our fearless leaders.

Each founder complimentarily contributes in domain expertise, operations, financing, M&A, and access to market.

Jefri R. Sirait

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Edward I. Chamdani

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Ishara Yusdian

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

We focus on sustainable industries.

Most of our projects and investments are relevant to SDG (sustainable development goals) themes.





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