About us

Gayo Capital (Ideosource Green Initiative) is an operating and investment holding company set-up to connect and to streamline similar theme opportunities in equity investments and project financing which have existed before under three Gayo’s founders portfolio companies.


A better world for all


Providing equal access to any level of fields to entrepreneurs and portfolio companies via relentless advance to meritocracy.

Why us

We have a combination of experience and exposure

Enable us to provide high-level access and to speed up the decision-making process in multi-fronts. Our background and network in venture capital investment, investment banking, capital market, and corporate finance are key components to obtain a holistic view in each phase of our roadmap.

Early Stage
Grow Stage
Later Stage

Meet our fearless leaders

Each founder contributes in complementary to others as in portfolio companies, domain expertise, operations, financing, M&A structures and access to market.

The industry we are focused on
to grow together

Creating a better world means most of our projects and investments are relevant to SDG (sustainable development goals) themes.





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