Establishing sustainable ecosystem

We focus on revenue generating companies whose businesses organically create impact to the world and by partner up with the leading PE/VC and experienced serial entrepreneur whose shares same interests in impact investment, serves as investors, investees, and mentors to our portfolios.

Portfolio optimization

Collaboration between all portfolios to create growing ecosystem and sustainable development

Actively hands on business optimization and corporate action

Collaboration between all portfolios not only in business side but also advance technology sharing to create growing ecosystem and sustainable development

Leveraging Gayo Capital, partners and investors value creation experience to the portfolio to maximize their potential

Penta-helix system

We Support United Nation Sustainable Development Program through Penta-Helix System we develop and test a new approach for integrating multi-governance planning for sustainable development for both vertical and horizontal

Socio-economic development model that drives a knowledge economy to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship through collaboration and beneficial partnership among the academe, government, industry, NGOs and civic sectors of the society, and the social entrepreneurs
Aim to develop a peer-to-peer online platform for sustainable energy & climate action plans development that can be used for multiple public authorities in joint planning and implementation.
Enable integration at different administrative levels and geographical planning areas as well as enhance the cost efficiency in the entire planning and
implementation process based on economies of scale
and closer cooperation and exchange

Let’s participate in SDGs through prospective industries