Establishing a Sustainable Ecosystem

At Gayo Capital, our primary focus is on revenue-generating companies that not only drive profits but also create a positive impact on the world. We strategically partner with leading private equity/venture capital firms and experienced serial entrepreneurs who share our passion for impact investment. These collaborations serve as invaluable investors, investees, and mentors to our diverse portfolio, helping us shape a better future together.

Portfolio Optimization

Gayo Capital’s portfolio optimization entails strategically curating and managing a diverse range of investments to achieve maximum returns and impact

Proactively engage in business optimization and corporate actions, taking a hands-on approach to enhance portfolio performance

Foster collaboration among portfolios, encouraging the exchange of business expertise and technological advancements, thereby creating a thriving ecosystem and ensuring sustainable growth

Capitalize on Gayo Capital’s partners’ and investors’ value creation experience, leveraging their expertise to unlock the full potential of our portfolio companies

Penta-Helix System

We actively support the United Nations Sustainable Development Program through our Penta-Helix System, which involves developing and testing a novel approach to integrate multi-governance planning for sustainable development, encompassing both vertical and horizontal dimensions

We commit to create a peer-to-peer online platform for sustainable energy and climate action plans. This platform will facilitate joint planning and implementation for multiple public authorities, promoting unified efforts towards a greener future.
Aim to develop a peer-to-peer online platform for sustainable energy & climate action plans development that can be used for multiple public authorities in joint planning and implementation.
Our investment and advisory for PasarMIKRO facilitated seamless integration across multiple administrative levels and geographical regions, optimizing cost efficiency in planning and implementation. This approach enabled growth through leveraging economies of scale and network within the agriculture industry.

Join us in contributing to SDGs through engaging promising industries