PasarMIKRO revolutionizes agricultural trading in Indonesia, empowering farmers and breeders with a platform that eases cash flow problems and provides access to finance and vital information.

PasarMIKRO is on a mission to accelerate innovation in access to market and finance, addressing an everlasting fundamental issue in developing countries dominated by small farms. They recognize that these challenges are among the main pain points in the agricultural ecosystem.

Categorizing themselves as a social startup company founded by passionate individuals from Indonesia, PasarMIKRO has made significant strides within a limited time period. They have innovated an upstream agri-trading platform, catering specifically to Indonesian small to medium-scale farmers. Through their platform, PasarMIKRO aims to empower farmers and create more opportunities for sustainable growth in the agricultural sector.

In the current agricultural landscape, many MSME farmers and breeders face challenges in recording sales results manually using conventional methods. These scattered and manual records often lead to problems, especially when applying for credit, as they lack a reliable reference.

To address these cash flow circulation issues experienced by farmers and breeders, PasarMIKRO emerges as a much-needed solution. This innovative platform aims to alleviate the obstacles in cash flow faced by over 20 million farmer and rancher families across Indonesia. By utilizing PasarMIKRO, farmers can ensure timely payment, making it easier to manage financial records and access necessary financing.

Beyond its role in facilitating financial transactions, PasarMIKRO aspires to become a vital medium for information exchange, transactions, and various financial facilities to support daily trading activities. With PasarMIKRO’s comprehensive features, it envisions empowering farmers and breeders with efficient financial management and enhanced access to essential resources for sustainable growth in the agriculture sector.

More information: PasarMIKRO

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