PasarMIKRO is an inclusive platform for micro and small business to accelerate their sustainability transformation.

PasarMIKRO tries to accelerate innovation in the access to market & finance, which is an everlasting fundamental issues in the developing countries dominated by small farms, and among the main pain points in the ecosystem.

PasarMIKRO categorize their businesses as a social startup company made by children of Indonesia nations, with limited time period they’ve already innovated an UPSTREAM AGRI-TRADING PLATFORM specifically for Indonesian Food Fighters, ranging from small to medium scale.

Currently, most MSME farmers and breeders still use conventional records to record sales results manually, which often makes them experience problems because the notes are scattered and difficult to be used as a reference for credit application requirements.

PasarMIKRO comes as a solution to the cash flow circulation problems experienced by farmers and breeders. This platform is expected to be able to help with the obstacles in cash flow that are experienced simultaneously by more than 20 million farmer and rancher families in Indonesia. By using the MICRO market the farmers can get their money on time. Apart from making it easier to manage financial records and access to finance, it is hoped that PasarMIKRO can become a medium of information, transactions and various financial facilities to support daily trading.


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